The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets.
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Name Total power
Number of turbines Installation
Ashtabula - Otter Tail48,000322008/11
Ashtabula I148,500992008
Ashtabula II67,500452009
Ashtabula II52,500352009
Ashtabula III62,400392010
Baldwin Wind102,400642010
Bison Wind Project204,800642015/01
Bison Wind Project21,00072011
Bison Wind Project105,000352012
Bison Wind Project24,00082012
Bison Wind Project75,900332010
Border Winds150,000752015
Cedar Hills Wind Facility19,500132010
Fort Totten10011997
Langdon I118,500792007
Langdon II40,500272008/01
Langdon II40,500272008/01
North Dakota Wind I40,500272003
North Dakota Wind II21,000142003/10
Oliver I50,600222006
Oliver II48,000322007
Pembina Border Station1,00012011
Prairie Winds2,60022003/01
Prairie Winds Minot Wind 24,50032009
Prairie Winds ND I115,500772009
Richardton Abbey13011997
Sacred Heart Monastery1,26021997
Tatanka Wind Project91,500612008
Thunder Spirit107,500432015/12
Turtle Mountain10011997
Turtle Mountain Community College66012008
Valley city - Oriska Hills90012001
Velva Wind Farm11,880182006
Wilton Wind Energy I18,000122006
Wilton Wind Energy I31,500212005
Wilton Wind Energy II49,500332009
Total 2,427,230 1,260  

Note: total amounts do not include information that is not available.