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The Wind Power is a worldwide database about wind turbines and wind farms. It contains data related to wind farms, turbines, manufacturers, developers and operators.
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 Database of 15,321 wind farms (321.3 GW)
 Database of 926 offshore projects (289.5 GW)
 Database of 1,682 developers
 Database of 2,134 operators
 Database of 1,237 owners
 Database of 155 manufacturers
 Database of 1,023 turbines
 Database of 102 countries
 Strategic maps
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Latest reports
 Scotland: A Major Destination for Offshore Wind
 Offshore Wind Turbines and Foundations - Global Market Size, Market Share, Regulations and Key Country Analysis to 2020
 2014 Wind Turbine Order Intake - Siemens Leads the Market Due to Growth in Offshore Activity
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