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Wind farms most recently added

Name Power (kW) Turbines Offshore Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
Walchum (Germany)7,5005No1999
Eifelwind (Germany)2,0001No2006
Bimolten (Germany)29,20016No2003
Unterried (Germany)4,000NDNo2010
Helena (Germany)4,8002No2013/05
Eismannsberg (Germany)3,0002No2003
Batzhausen (Germany)6001No2001
Traunfeld (Germany)6001No2001
Litterzhofen (Germany)6001No2001
Illschwang (Germany)12,0005No2013/06
Kündelmoor (Germany)30,50010NoND
Pengze (China)46,20022No2014/10
Sishui Sizhang (China)48,00024NoND
Punta Palmeras (Chile)45,00015No2014/10
Broken Bow II (USA)73,10043No2014/10
Adama II (Ethiopia)153,000102NoND
Sungurlare (Bulgaria)NDNDNoND
Hrabrovo (Bulgaria)14,000NDNoND
Fossa del Lupo (Italy)97,500NDNoND
Archingeay (France)8,0004No2014
Ludarva (India)21,25025NoND
Mota Gunda (India)22,95027NoND
Modelo II (Brazil)25,85011No2014/10
Plaine de l’Escrebieux (France)12,0004No2014/10
Seuil de Bapaume (France)15,0005No2014/10
Caetite 1 (Brazil)30,00015No2014/10
Tvaaker Norr (Sweden)4,0002No2008
Lilla Marieholm (Sweden)2,0001No2010
Köinge (Sweden)8501No2013
Gummarase (Sweden)ND5No2011
Faleberg (Sweden)6,0003No2012
Bodberget (Sweden)3,0003No2008
Slottsbol (Sweden)ND6No2010
Teutleben 1 (Germany)15,0005No2013
Teutleben 2 (Germany)9,0003NoND
Corriegarth (United-Kingdom)69,000NDNoND
Marsh Hill (USA)16,00010NoND
Le Plateau II (Canada)23,00010NoND
Hellberge III (Germany)6,1002NoND
Heidehof II (Germany)18,8008NoND
Blaue Warthe II (Germany)20,7009NoND
Blaue Warthe (Germany)6,9003NoND
Ardin (France)9,1503NoND
Macleod Flats (Canada)3,0001No2004
Karadere (Turkey)16,00010No2014/06
Günaydin (Turkey)20,7508No2012/11
Salman (Turkey)27,50010No2014/05
Düzova (Turkey)51,5008No2009/08
Route 66 (USA)150,00075NoND
Windthorst-2 (USA)69,00030No2014/10

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