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Wind farms most recently added

Name Power (kW) Turbines Offshore Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
Easter Glentore (United-Kingdom)5001No2014/03
Ullersdorf (Germany)43,20018No2014/11
Trautmannsdorf Nord (Austria)9,0003No2014
Gattendorf Nord (Austria)12,0004No2014
Hollern II (Austria)15,0005No2014
Bad Deutsch-Altenburg Carnuntum (Austria)21,0007No2014
Ajos (Finland)2,0001No2012
Teuva (Finland)2,5001No2013
Satama I (Finland)6,0002No2014
Mussalo (Finland)4,7002No2014
Kaanaa (Finland)NDNDYesND
Kokkola (Finland)20,000NDYesND
Röyttä III (Finland)70,000NDYesND
Vähäkyrö (Finland)52,80016NoND
Joukhaisselkä-Tuore Kulvakkoselkä (Finland)27,0009NoND
Jäneskeidas (Finland)26,4008NoND
Salo Märynummi (Finland)15,0003NoND
Kopsa II (Finland)33,00010NoND
Kirrinsanta (Finland)NDNDNoND
Svalskulla (Finland)15,000NDNoND
Varjakka (Finland)2,000NDNoND
Latamäki (Finland)18,000NDNoND
Kortesjärvi/Isonnevanmäki (Finland)2,500NDNoND
Kauhajoki (Finland)2,500NDNoND
Mustilankangas (Finland)72,600NDNoND
Jokela (Finland)36,000NDNoND
Myllykangas (Finland)50,40021NoND
Summa phase Iia (Finland)6,000NDNoND
Ngong II (Saint Kitts and Nevis)13,60016No2014/11
Salme II (Estonia)3,0001No2014
Aburi (Estonia)1,8001No2014
Golden Acorn Casino (USA)1,8501No2014
Two Dot (USA)9,7206No2014
Reese (USA)2,0001No2014
Erie Industrial Park (USA)9001No2014
Lakewinds (USA)47,60028NoND
Pheasant II (USA)74,80044No2014
Echo Wind Park (USA)112,20066No2014
LWSC Wind Turbine (USA)6001No2014
3.4M114 prototype (Germany)3,4001NoND
Wanzhai (China)48,000NDNoND
Burgos I (Philippines)87,00029NoND
Origin (USA)150,000NDNo2014/11
Leitir Guingaid (Ireland)39,10017No2014
Ballycurreen (Ireland)5,0002No2014
Monaincha Bog (Ireland)38,40016No2014
San Lorenzo (Philippines)54,00027NoND
Teiu (Brazil)17,000NDNoND
Hongyi (China)99,000NDNoND
Turkana (Kenya)310,250365NoND

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