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Wind farms most recently added

Name Power (kW) Turbines Offshore Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
Liushan (China)49,50033NoND
Eurus III (Brazil)36,00023No2014/10
Le Moulin d’Emanville (France)51,00017No2014/09
Roxel (Germany)4,8002NoND
Calau II D (Germany)15,0005No2014/10
Bucheck (Germany)9,6004NoND
Hohenzellig (Germany)19,2008NoND
Kriegswiese (Germany)14,1006NoND
Rauhe Fichte II (Germany)6,0002NoND
Rauhe Fichte I (Germany)6,0002NoND
St Breock (United-Kingdom)ND5NoREG Windpower
Floegeln-Stueh (Germany)18,0006No2014/10
Oettelin (Germany)20,0008No2014/10
Wehneberg (Germany)15,0006NoND
Mertensdorf (Germany)10,0005No2014/10
Kräft (Germany)12,5005NoND
Rehborn (Germany)35,00014No2014/10
Eider (Germany)72,60022NoND
Sao Jorge (Brazil)27,60012NoND
Niupiao (China)32,50013NoND
Baumgarten (Austria)15,0005No2014/10
Parchim II (Germany)9,0003No2014/10
Kniphagen (Germany)15,0005NoND
Kandrich (Germany)18,0006No2014/09
Sailershäuser (Germany)24,00010NoND
Luz de Rio (Uruguay)50,000NDNo2014/08
Ulvemosen (Denmark)33,00010NoND
Coqueiros (Brazil)27,00018NoND
Königshovener Höhe (Germany)38,40012NoND
Paproc (Poland)5,0002NoND
Stora Farsnäs (Sweden)5,0002NoND
Mierzyce (Poland)1,5001NoND
Värslen (Sweden)5,0002NoND
Nikolaev II (Ukraine)25,00010NoND
Nikolaev I (Ukraine)25,00010NoND
Wydminy (Poland)4,5003NoND
Kalteiche (Germany)7,5003NoND
Ostrowite (Poland)1,5001NoND
Moers (Germany)8001NoND
Papagayo MG (Nicaragua)100,00020YesND
Huangjia (China)49,50033NoND
Oakflied (USA)144,00048NoND
Modelo I (Brazil)30,55013No2014/09
Kangal RES (Turkey)44,00022No2014/09
Hebi (China)49,50033No2014/09
Rageade 2 (France)12,0006No2013
Furrowland (United-Kingdom)5001No2014/09
Burgos II (Philippines)63,00021NoND
Dingjiagou (China)50,00025NoND
Vallée du Rognon (France)12,0006NoND

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