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Wind farms most recently added

Name Power (kW) Turbines Offshore Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
Easter Glentore (United-Kingdom)5001No2014/03
Ullersdorf (Germany)43,20018No2014/11
Trautmannsdorf Nord (Austria)9,0003No2014
Gattendorf Nord (Austria)12,0004No2014
Hollern II (Austria)15,0005No2014
Bad Deutsch-Altenburg Carnuntum (Austria)21,0007No2014
Ajos (Finland)2,0001No2012
Teuva (Finland)2,5001No2013
Satama I (Finland)6,0002No2014
Mussalo (Finland)4,7002No2014
Kaanaa (Finland)NDNDYesND
Kokkola (Finland)100,000NDYesND
Röyttä III (Finland)70,00014YesND
Vähäkyrö (Finland)52,80016NoND
Joukhaisselkä-Tuore Kulvakkoselkä (Finland)27,0009NoND
Jäneskeidas (Finland)26,4008NoND
Salo Märynummi (Finland)15,0003NoND
Kopsa II (Finland)33,00010NoND
Kirrinsanta (Finland)NDNDNoND
Svalskulla (Finland)15,000NDNoND
Varjakka (Finland)2,000NDNoND
Latamäki (Finland)18,000NDNoND
Kortesjärvi/Isonnevanmäki (Finland)2,500NDNoND
Kauhajoki (Finland)2,500NDNoND
Mustilankangas (Finland)72,60022NoND
Jokela (Finland)36,00012NoND
Myllykangas (Finland)50,40021NoND
Summa phase Iia (Finland)6,000NDNoND
Ngong II (Saint Kitts and Nevis)13,60016No2014/11
Salme II (Estonia)3,0001No2014
Aburi (Estonia)1,8001No2014
Golden Acorn Casino (USA)1,8501No2014/07
Two Dot (USA)9,7206No2014
Reese (USA)2,0001No2014
Erie Industrial Park (USA)9001No2014
Lakewinds (USA)47,60028NoND
Pheasant II (USA)74,80044No2014
Echo Wind Park (USA)112,20066No2014
LWSC Wind Turbine (USA)6001No2014
3.4M114 prototype (Germany)3,4001NoND
Wanzhai (China)48,000NDNoND
Burgos I (Philippines)87,00029NoND
Origin (USA)150,00075No2014/11
Leitir Guingaid (Ireland)39,10017No2014
Ballycurreen (Ireland)5,0002No2014
Monaincha Bog (Ireland)38,40016No2014
San Lorenzo (Philippines)54,00027No2014/12
Teiu (Brazil)17,000NDNoND
Hongyi (China)99,000NDNoND
Turkana (Kenya)310,250365NoND

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