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Wind farms most recently added

Name Power (kW) Turbines Offshore Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
Xinyi (China)27,00018No2014/04
Buren (Netherlands)8,0004NoND
Vlaardingen (Netherlands)6,0002NoND
Woolley Hill (United-Kingdom)8,0004NoND
Haiyuan III (China)198,000132NoND
Oxley Wind Farm (Canada)6,000NDNo2014
Ravenswood Wind Farm (Canada)9,900NDNo2008
Little River Harbour Community Wind Farm (Canada)1,990NDNo2013
Creignishrear (Canada)1,950NDNo2013
Irish Mountain (Canada)1,950NDNo2013
South Cape Mabou (Canada)1,950NDNo2013
St. Leon 2 (Canada)16,500NDNo2012
Kettles Hill Phase I (Canada)9,000NDNo2006
Greenvale (United-Kingdom)1,5001NoND
Baitianci I (China)49,500NDNoND
União dos Ventos I (Brazil)108,80068No20140/04
Putunba (China)30,00015NoND
Qingcaosha (China)48,000NDNo20140/04
Le Chat Huant (France)8,0004NoND
Les Treize (France)8,0004NoND
Le Petit Jésus (France)12,0006NoND
Les Quatre Buissons (France)12,0006NoND
Buriti (Brazil)30,00020No20140/04
Joux la Ville (France)63,45027NoND
Pays d’Othe (France)18,0009NoND
Fuquanshan (China)45,00018NoND
Daliuhang (China)49,80025No2014/04
Beitashan (China)99,000NDNoND
Daling - Xiazhi (China)49,50033NoND
Sunjiazhai (China)49,50033No2014/04

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