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Wind farms most recently added

Name Power (kW) Turbines Offshore Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
Breckinridge (USA)98,000NDNoND
Plaines du Porcien II (France)11,7505NoND
Gok II (Turkey)35,75013No2014/08
Daan II (China)NDNDNoND
Daan I (China)NDNDNoND
Daan III (China)48,000NDNoND
Suxian (China)48,000NDNoND
Fengyudian (China)49,90025No2014/08
Donggangling (China)50,00025NoND
Kenli I (China)49,50025NoND
Nanjing (China)49,50025No2014/08
Quanshan (China)46,20022NoND
Leizhenshan (China)42,00021No2014/07
Dahai Liangzi I (China)48,00024No2014/08
Cong Hai I (Vietnam)3,0003NoND
Fresnoy-le-Grand (France)ND6NoND
Mont Heudelan (France)29,7009NoND
Stavki (Ukraine)9,0003No2014/08
Beregovaya (Ukraine)12,0004No2014/08
Skyway 8 (Canada)10,000NDNo2014/08
Pier II (Mexico)66,00033NoND
Boardinghouse (United-Kingdom)10,0005NoND
Tafila (Jordan)114,00038NoND
Curva dos Ventos (Brazil)56,40024No2014/08
Changqing (China)50,00025No2014/08
Peralta II (Uruguay)50,00025NoND
Peralta I (Uruguay)50,00025NoND
Amakhala Emoyeni (South Africa)134,40056NoND
Verace (Brazil)258,000129No2014/08
Youlstone (United-Kingdom)4,0002NoND

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