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Below is the list of the wind farms owned by Hokkaido Green Fund (wind farms listed in the database).

Phone: 011 280 1870

Mail: office(at)


Main datasheet

List of wind farms

Name Number of turbines
JapanHamakaze-chan1 turbine
1000 kW
JapanKanami-Chan1 turbine
1500 kW
JapanKantaro1 turbine
1500 kW
JapanKarinpu1 turbine
1650 kW
JapanKazami1 turbine
1500 kW
JapanKazekomachi1 turbine
1500 kW
JapanKazeru-chan1 turbine
1500 kW
JapanMagunrun-chan1 turbine
1000 kW
JapanMonzen5 turbines
10,250 kW
JapanNamimaru1 turbine
1670 kW
JapanTempu-maru1 turbine
1500 kW
JapanWanz1 turbine
1500 kW

ND: no data

Update for this sheet: 26 April 2017
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