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Name Power (kW) Turbines Status Commissioning (yyyy/mm)
2-B Energy Test Site (GB)12,0006Planned 
2017 Tender I (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
2017 Tender II (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
2018 Tender I (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
2018 Tender II (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
2019 Tender I (NL)700,000NDPlanned 
Adlergrund 500 (DE)72,00020Planned 
Adlergrund GAP (DE)155,00031Planned 
Adlergrund Nordkap (DE)155,00031Planned 
Agios Efstratios (GR)24,5007Planned 
Aiolos (DE)702,000117Planned 
Akita (JP)2,982,000426Planned 
Akita Port (JP)65,00013Planned 
Alpha Ventus (DE)60,00012In production2009/12
Amrumbank West (DE)288,00080Under construction 
Anholt (DK)399,600111In production2012/09
Apollon (DE)480,00080Planned 
Aqua Wind (JP)7,5003Planned 
Arcadis Ost 1 (DE)348,00058Accepted 
AreaC I (DE)400,00080Planned 
AreaC II (DE)400,00080Planned 
AreaC III (DE)400,00080Planned 
Arklow Bank (IE)520,000200In production2003/11
Arkonabecken Südost (DE)385,00080Accepted 
ArkonaSee Ost (DE)320,000NDPlanned 
ArkonaSee Sud (DE)400,00080Planned 
ArkonaSee West (DE)400,000NDPlanned 
Asa Branca - Commercial Phase 1 (BR)270,00045Planned 
Asa Branca - Commercial Phase 2 (BR)270,00045Planned 
Asa Branca - Commercial Phase 3 (BR)10,390,000NDPlanned 
Asa Branca - Demonstration Project (BR)258,00043Planned 
Asa Branca - Pilot Project (BR)12,0002Planned 
Austerngrund (DE)400,00080Planned 
Avedøre Holme (DK)10,8003In production2011/12
Bac Lieu Province Wind Power Plant (VN)579,200362Planned 
Balea (ES)26,0004Planned 
Baltic Blue A (EE)1,050,000150Planned 
Baltic Blue B (EE)700,000100Planned 
Baltic Blue C (EE)420,00060Planned 
Baltic Blue D (EE)350,00050Planned 
Baltic Blue E (EE)196,00028Planned 
Baltic Wind Park (LV)200,000NDPlanned 
Baltica 1 (PL)1,202,500NDPlanned 
Baltica 2 (PL)1,202,500NDPlanned 
Baltica 3 (PL)1,045,500NDPlanned 
BalticEagle (DE)415,00083Planned 
BalticPower (DE)480,00080Planned 
Bard Offshore 1 (DE)400,00080In production2013/08
Barrow (GB)90,00030In production2006/07
Beatrice (GB)674,000142In production2007/07
Beibu Gulf offshore wind power project (CN)198,00066Under construction 
Beltsee (DE)125,00025Planned 
Belwind Alstom Haliade Demonstration (BE)6,0001In production2013/12
Belwind I (BE)165,00055In production2010/12
Belwind II (BE)165,00055Accepted 
Beothuk Energy Inc (CA)180,00030Planned 
Beta Baltic (DE)150,00050Planned 
Bight Power I (DE)400,00080Planned 
Bight Power II (DE)400,00080Planned 
Bin Hai Offshore Concession Project (CN)300,000100Accepted 
Blekinge Offshore AB (SE)2,500,000700Planned 
Block Island Wind Farm (US)30,0005Under construction 
Bluewater Wind (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
Bluewater Wind Delaware (US)450,000NDPlanned 
Blyth (GB)4,0002In production2000/12
Bockstigen Offshore (SE)2,7505In production1998/03
Borkum Riffgrund I (DE)312,00078Under construction 
Borkum Riffgrund II (DE)448,00056Accepted 
Borkum Riffgrund West (DE)270,00045Accepted 
Borkum-Riffgrund West II (DE)265,00043Planned 
Bornholm (DK)50,000NDPlanned 
Borssele I (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
Borssele II (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
Borssele III (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
Borssele IV (NL)350,000NDPlanned 
Breitling (DE)2,5001In production2006/02
Brindisi Offshore (IT)108,00036Planned 
Burbo Bank (GB)346,00057In production2007/10
Busado - Dongyang E&C (KR)27,0009Planned 
Busan (KR)35,000NDPlanned 
Butendiek (DE)288,00080In production2015/08
Calvados (FR)450,00075Planned 
Cangnan #1 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Cangzhou Offshore Wind Farm (CN)1,400,000NDPlanned 
Cape Wind Power (US)468,000130Accepted 
Caucaia (BR)288,00048Planned 
CGN Rudong offshore demonstration project (CN)152,00038Under construction 
Changhua - North (TW)ND148Planned 
Changhua - Pilot (TW)110,00030Planned 
Changhua - South (TW)ND116Planned 
Changhua Offshore Pilot Project (TW)10,0002Planned 
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Daishan 4 offshore wind farm (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Pingtan Dalian Island 200MW offshore windfarm (CN)200,00056Planned 
Choshi (JP)2,4001In production2013/04
Chunan - Phase 1 (TW)118,00034Planned 
Chunan - Phase 2 (TW)151,20042Planned 
Cixi I (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Cixi II (CN)250,000NDPlanned 
CNOOC Weihai - Phase I (CN)102,00034Accepted 
CNOOC Weihai - Roncheng - Northern Block (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
CNOOC Weihai - Rushan - Southern Block (CN)700,000NDPlanned 
CNOOC Weihai - Wendeng - Eastern Block (CN)100,000NDPlanned 
Codling wind farm (IE)2,000,000420Accepted 
Concordia I (DE)500,00080Planned 
Concordia II (DE)500,00080Planned 
Corfu (GR)162,00045Planned 
CPI Binhai South Development Zone (CN)450,000NDPlanned 
CPI Binhai South offshore wind farm - Pilot (CN)48,0008Accepted 
CPI Dafeng Intertidal Concession Project (CN)200,00080Planned 
Daejeong (KR)168,00024Planned 
Dafeng Intertidal Demonstration (CN)2,0001In production2009
Daishan 1# offshore wind farm (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Daishan 2# offshore wind farm (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Daishan 3# offshore wind farm (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Dan Tysk (DE)288,00080In production2014/08
DanTysk DK (DK)288,00080Under construction 
Datang Laizhou Bay Demonstration Project (CN)200,00067Planned 
Datang Laizhou Wind Farm Phase III (CN)49,50033In production2014/02
Datang Nanao Offshore wind farm (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
DDHI Composite Bucket Foundation Test Project (CN)2,5001In production2010/11
Deepwater One (US)1,200,000200Planned 
Delta Nordsee 1 (DE)210,00035Accepted 
Delta Nordsee 2 (DE)192,00032Accepted 
Demonstrative offshore windpark of Jeju island (KR)5,0002In production2012/02
Deutsche Bucht (DE)210,00042Accepted 
Dhanushkodi Test Turbine (IN)ND1Planned 
Diamant (DE)800,000160Planned 
Diapontia Islands (GR)96,00032Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Eight (GR)5,0001Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Five (GR)20,0004Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Four (GR)20,0004Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Nine (GR)30,0006Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase One (GR)15,0003Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Seven (GR)15,0003Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Six (GR)20,0004Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Three (GR)20,0004Planned 
Diapontia Wind phase Two (GR)20,0004Planned 
Dikella Alexandroupolis (GR)50,00010Planned 
Dogger Bank A-1 (GB)1,200,000200Accepted 
Dogger Bank A-2 (GB)1,200,000200Accepted 
Dogger Bank Teesside A (Tranche B) (GB)1,200,000200Accepted 
Dogger Bank Teesside B (Tranche B) (GB)1,200,000200Accepted 
Dong Energy Massachusetts (US)1,000,000NDPlanned 
Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm Phase II (CN)102,00034In production2010/07
Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm Phase II (Extension) project (CN)105,80029In production2011
Dongtai wind farm stage 4 (CN)302,40084Accepted 
Dongtai wind farm stage 5 (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Dongtou offshore wind farm (CN)600,000NDPlanned 
Dublin Array (IE)520,000145Planned 
Dudgeon (GB)402,00067Under construction 
East Anglia Five (GB)1,000,000NDPlanned 
East Anglia Four (GB)1,200,000NDPlanned 
East Anglia One (GB)1,200,000240Accepted 
East Anglia Six (GB)1,800,000NDPlanned 
East Anglia Three (GB)1,200,000172Planned 
East Anglia Two (GB)800,000NDPlanned 
Egmond aan Zee (NL)108,00036In production2006/10
Emden (DE)4,5001In production2004/10
EnBW Baltic 1 (DE)48,30021In production2011/05
EnBW Baltic 2 (DE)288,00080Under construction 
EnBW He Dreiht (DE)737,80080Accepted 
EnBW Hohe See (DE)492,00080Accepted 
Eneco Luchterduinen (NL)129,00043Under construction 
Energy Island (AU)3,0001Planned 
Energy Managament Inc (Long Island New York) (US)600,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 10 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 11 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 12 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 13 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 14 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 15 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 8 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
ENOVA Offshore NSWP 9 (DE)800,000NDPlanned 
enXco Development Corporation (Massachusetts Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
EOWDC (GB)84,00011Accepted 
Euklas (DE)1,040,000160Planned 
Fairwind (DE)195,000NDPlanned 
Fécamp Offshore (FR)498,00083Accepted 
Fengxian (CN)100,000NDAccepted 
Fengxian Large Scale (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Fife Energy Park (GB)7,0001In production2013/10
First State Marine Wind (US)5,0001Planned 
Fishermen’s Atlantic City Windfarm Phase I (US)25,0005Under construction 
Fishermen’s Energy (Long Island New York) (US)NDNDPlanned 
Fishermen’s Energy (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
FLOATGEN Demonstrator 1 IDEOL Gamesa (FR)2,0001Accepted 
Flocan 5 (ES)25,0005Planned 
Foce Verano (IT)402,00067Planned 
Formosa 1 OWF (TW)8,0002Accepted 
Frederikshavn (DK)7,6003In production2003/06
Fuhai Offshore Windfarm - TGC (TW)200,80050Planned 
Fujian Putian Shicheng Yugang Offshore Wind Farm (CN)200,00040Planned 
Fukushima (JP)1,014,000146In production2013/11
Fuqing Haitan Strait Intertidal wind farm (CN)200,00040Accepted 
Fuqing Haitan Strait Offshore wind farm (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Fällbadan (SE)NDNDPlanned 
Gaelectric Foreshore Test Sites (IE)15,0003Planned 
GAIA I (DE)434,00062Planned 
GAIA II (DE)280,00040Planned 
GAIA III (DE)500,00080Planned 
GAIA IV (DE)476,00068Planned 
GAIA V (DE)504,00072Planned 
Galloper (GB)336,00056Accepted 
Galveston Met Mast (US)3,000NDPlanned 
Galveston Offshore Wind Phase 1 (US)150,00075Planned 
Galveston Offshore Wind Phase 2 (US)150,00075Planned 
Gamesa 5MW Test Turbine (ES)4,5001In production2013/10
Gannet (DE)400,00080Planned 
Ganyu (CN)1,400,000NDPlanned 
Garden State Offshore Energy (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
Gargano Sud (IT)340,00085Planned 
GD Lubei No.1 offshore wind farm (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
GD Lubei No.2 offshore wind farm (CN)NDNDPlanned 
GD Lubei No.3 offshore wind farm (CN)350,000NDPlanned 
Gemini (NL)600,000150Under construction 
Georgia Interim Policy Lease Areas (US)NDNDPlanned 
GICON Floating Offshore Foundation (FOF) Pilot (DE)2,0001Planned 
Global Tech I (DE)400,00080Under construction 
Global Tech II (DE)553,00079Planned 
Gode Wind I (DE)330,00055Under construction 
Gode Wind II (DE)252,00042Under construction 
Gode Wind III (DE)90,00015Planned 
Gode Wind IV (DE)252,00042Accepted 
Golfe di Kymi (GR)300,00060Planned 
Golfo di Gela (IT)136,80038Accepted 
Goto FOWT (JP)2,0001In production2013/10
Goto Sakiyama Oki oki Huangdo (JP)522,000NDPlanned 
Great Lakes Array (CA)1,600,000NDPlanned 
Greater Gabbard 1 (GB)288,00080In production2012/09
Greater Gabbard 2 (GB)216,00060In production2012/09
Groix (FR)15,0002Planned 
Guangdong Yudean - Xuwen offshore wind power demonstration project (CN)48,00016Accepted 
Guangdong Yudean Zhanjiang Wailuo Offshore wind farm Offshore Wind Farm (CN)201,00067Accepted 
Guanyun (CN)800,000NDPlanned 
Gujarat (IN)100,000NDPlanned 
Gujarat - Greenshore (IN)600,000NDPlanned 
Gujarat - Suzlon (IN)300,000NDPlanned 
Gujarat - Tata Power (IN)NDNDPlanned 
Gunfleet Sands 1 (GB)108,00030In production2010/04
Gunfleet Sands 2 (GB)64,80018In production2010/04
Gunfleet Sands 3 Demonstration (GB)12,0002In production2013/04
Guodian Nanao Offshore wind farm (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Guodian United Power 6MW Prototype (CN)6,0001In production2012/12
Guodian Zhoushan Putuo #6 Offshore Wind Farm (CN)250,00050Accepted 
Gustav Dahlén 1 (SE)NDNDPlanned 
Gustav Dahlén 2 (SE)ND50Planned 
Gwynt y Mor (GB)576,000160In production2014/11
Hainan Dongfang Offshore Windfarm (CN)350,000NDAccepted 
Hainan Lingao Offshore Pilot Project (CN)6,0001Accepted 
Halla Offshore wind Project (KR)230,000NDPlanned 
Hampton Roads Demonstration Project (US)15,0003Planned 
Hanrim-eup (KR)100,80028Planned 
Havsbaserat Testomrade (SE)15,000NDPlanned 
He dreiht II (DE)195,00039Planned 
HEC Offshore Wind Farm (CN)100,00035Accepted 
Hengsha (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Heron (DE)400,00080Planned 
Hiiumaa (EE)1,100,000200Planned 
Hirono (JP)200,000NDPlanned 
Hong Kong Offshore Wind Farm (CN)201,00067Accepted 
Hooksiel (DE)5,0001In production2008/10
Horizont I (DE)306,00051Planned 
Horizont II (DE)450,00075Planned 
Horizont III (DE)440,00074Planned 
Horizont IV (DE)220,00037Planned 
Horns Rev 1 (DK)160,00080In production2002/12
Horns Rev 2 (DK)209,30091In production2009/09
Horns Rev 3 (DK)400,000NDAccepted 
Hornsea Project One - Heron Wind (GB)498,00083Accepted 
Hornsea Project One - Njord (GB)498,00083Accepted 
Hornsea Project Three (GB)1,200,000223Planned 
Hornsea Project Two - Breesea (GB)900,000180Planned 
Hornsea Project Two - Optimus Wind (GB)900,000NDPlanned 
HTOD 1 (DE)486,00081Planned 
HTOD 2 (DE)510,00085Planned 
HTOD 3 (DE)504,00084Planned 
HTOD 4 (DE)570,00095Planned 
HTOD 5 (DE)476,00068Planned 
HTOD 6 (DE)384,00064Planned 
Huadian and Mingyang (CN)300,00050Accepted 
Huadian International Shandong Jimo offshore wind farm - Phase 1 (CN)100,000NDPlanned 
Huadian International Shandong Jimo offshore wind farm - Phases 2/3 (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Huadian Nanao Offshore wind farm (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Huadian Yuhuan Offshore Wind Farm - Phase 1 (CN)100,000NDAccepted 
Huadian Yuhuan Offshore Wind Farm - Phase 2 (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Huaneng and Mingyang (CN)300,00050Accepted 
Huaneng Dafeng Intertidal C4 Wind Power Demonstration Project (CN)300,000100Accepted 
Huaneng Hainan Wenchang 1# offshore wind farm (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Huaneng Rongcheng Power Project (CN)102,00034In production2014
Huaneng Rongcheng Power Prototype Demonstration Project (CN)6,0002In production2009/12
Huayuankou (CN)400,000NDAccepted 
Hudson Canyon (US)1,000,000200Planned 
Humber Gateway (GB)219,00073In production2015/06
Hunterston Test Site (GB)6,0001Under construction 
Hyundai 5.5MW Test Turbine (KR)5,5001In production2014/04
Hywind Metcentre (NO)2,3001In production2009/06
Hywind Scotland Pilot Park (GB)30,0005Planned 
Ibaraki Kashima port North (JP)125,00025Planned 
Ibaraki Kashima port South (JP)125,00025Planned 
Iberdrola Renewables (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
Icebreaker (US)13,8006Planned 
Ideol & Quadran Floating Project (FR)500,000NDPlanned 
Idermar (ES)ND1Planned 
Inch Cape (GB)784,000110Accepted 
Inkoo (FI)300,00060Accepted 
Irene Vorrink I (NL)11,40019In production1996
Irene Vorrink II (NL)5,4009In production1996
Ishikari Bay (JP)100,00040Planned 
Iwanai Town (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Izumo (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Jeju Floating turbine Project (KR)2,000,000NDPlanned 
Jeju Floating turbine Project - Step 1 (KR)NDNDPlanned 
Jeju Floating turbine Project - Step 2 (KR)11,0002Planned 
Jeonnam (KR)3,800,000NDPlanned 
Jiangsu Dafeng offshore wind farm demonstration project (CN)200,00080Under construction 
Jiangsu Dongtai Offshore Wind Farm Concession Project (CN)201,60056Accepted 
Jiangsu Guangheng New Energy Rudong 300MW offshore wind farm (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Jiangsu Longyuan Dafeng Offshore Wind Farm phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm (CN)200,000NDAccepted 
Jiangsu Rudong 150MW Offshore (CN)199,30079In production2012/03
Jiangsu Rudong 150MW Offshore (Intertidal) Demonstration Wind Farm (CN)300,000100Planned 
Jiangsu Rudong Intertidal Demonstration Wind Farm (CN)200,00050Under construction 
Jiaxing 1 Offshore Project (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Jiaxing Offshore Wind Power Project - Phase 2 (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Jiaxing Offshore Wind Power Project - Phase 3 (CN)200,000NDAccepted 
Jindo (KR)100,00020Planned 
Jules Verne (DE)480,00080Planned 
Kaikas (DE)581,00083Accepted 
Kamaishi Ocean Energy Demonstration Field (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Kamisu (JP)30,00015In production2004/01
Kangdong - Ulsan (KR)196,00028Planned 
Karehamn (SE)48,00016In production2013/09
Kaskasi (DE)320,00040Planned 
Kaskasi II (DE)170,00034Planned 
Kassos (GR)350,00056Planned 
Kemi Ajos I (FI)15,0005In production2008/12
Kemi Ajos II (FI)15,0005In production2008/12
Kemi Ajos III (FI)189,00027Planned 
Kemi Ajos Test Turbine (FI)3,0001In production2013
Kentish Flats (GB)90,00030In production2005/10
Kentish Flats 2 (GB)49,50015Under construction 
Keuka 12.5MW Rim Drive Prototype (US)12,500NDPlanned 
Keuka 300kW Rim Drive Prototype (US)3001Planned 
Kihnu (EE)600,000NDPlanned 
Kincardine Offshore Windfarm Offshore Wind Farm (GB)50,0008Planned 
Kitakyushu Offshore Demonstration Project (JP)2,0001In production2013/06
Klocktärnan (SE)660,000132Planned 
Kokkola (FI)100,000NDPlanned 
Kriegers Flak (DK)600,000NDPlanned 
Kriegers Flak II (SE)640,000128Accepted 
Kristiinankaupunki (FI)800,000153Planned 
Kvitsøy Wind Turbine Demonstration Area (NO)8,2002Accepted 
Kyushu University Wind Lens Project (JP)9003Planned 
Laoting Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project (CN)300,000100Accepted 
Laoting Yuetuo Island Offshore Windfarm 300MW Demonstration Project (CN)300,00075Accepted 
Le Carnet (FR)6,0001In production2012
Le Tréport (FR)496,00062Planned 
Leeghwater - Turbine Demonstration Facility (NL)100,000NDPlanned 
Lely (NL)2,0004In production1997
Lemnos (GR)498,15081Accepted 
Lianyungang (CN)200,00040Planned 
Lillgrund (SE)110,40048In production2007/10
Lincs (GB)270,00075In production2013/09
Lingang offshore wind farm demonstration project (phase 1) (CN)102,00017In production2014
Lingang offshore wind farm demonstration project (phase 2) (CN)98,000NDPlanned 
Linhai Wind Farm (CN)100,000NDPlanned 
Lithuania Tender (LT)NDNDPlanned 
London Array (GB)630,000175In production2013/07
Long Island County (CN)48,00016Accepted 
Long Island County Extension (CN)252,00084Planned 
Long Island New York City Offshore Wind Project Phase 1 (US)350,000NDPlanned 
Long Island New York City Offshore Wind Project Phase 2 (US)350,000NDPlanned 
Longyuan Putian Nanri Island 350MW project (CN)188,000NDAccepted 
Longyuan Putian Nanri Island 50MW Pilot project (CN)212,0004Accepted 
Longyuan Rudong Intertidal Demonstration Project (CN)32,00016In production2010/09
Longyuan Rudong Intertidal Trial Wind Farm -Extension (CN)48,80012In production2014
Lufeng Lake Bay Wind Farm (CN)1,250,000NDPlanned 
Lynn and Inner Dowsing (GB)194,40054In production2009/03
Maeda - Yasuoka (JP)60,000NDPlanned 
Maine Aqua Ventus I (US)12,0002Planned 
Maine Aqua Ventus II (US)480,000NDPlanned 
Maine Aqua Ventus III (US)4,508,000NDPlanned 
MAKANI Airborne Wind Turbine AWT Offshore Wind Farm (US)NDNDPlanned 
Marathon Bay (GR)450,000NDPlanned 
Marine Energy Test Centre (NO)20,0002Accepted 
Marthakiou (GR)30,25011Planned 
Mathraki (GR)275,00055Planned 
Mazarra E Petrosino (IT)172,80048Planned 
Meerwind Ost (DE)144,00040In production2015/03
Meerwind Süd (DE)144,00040In production2015/03
Meerwind West (DE)805,000161Planned 
Mejlflak (DK)120,000NDAccepted 
Merkur Offshore (DE)400,00080Accepted 
Methones Kepoe (GR)209,100NDPlanned 
MFW Baltyk Polnocny I (PL)1,140,000190Planned 
MFW Baltyk Polnocny II (PL)420,00070Planned 
MFW Baltyk Srodkowy I (PL)600,000100Planned 
MFW Baltyk Srodkowy II (PL)1,200,000200Planned 
MFW Baltyk Srodkowy III (PL)1,200,000200Planned 
Michigan Offshore Wind Pilot Project (US)NDNDPlanned 
Middelgrunden (DK)40,00020In production2000/12
Ming Yang 6MW Demo (NO)6,0001Planned 
Moray Firth Western Development Area 1 (GB)504,00093Accepted 
Moray Firth Western Development Area 2 (GB)504,00093Accepted 
Moray Firth Western Development Area 3 (GB)360,000NDPlanned 
Murakami Ifuwane (JP)220,00044Planned 
Mutsu-Ogawara Port (JP)80,00032Planned 
NaiKun Wind (CA)400,000100Accepted 
Nantong Haian (CN)47,50012Accepted 
Nan’ao VAWT Offshore Wind Project (CN)20,0004Planned 
NaREC Offshore Wind Demonstration Project (GB)99,90015Accepted 
National Offshore Demonstration Project Ningde (CN)2,000,000100Accepted 
National Offshore Demonstration Project Ningde (extension) (CN)1,800,000NDPlanned 
Nautica Windpower Advanced Floating Turbine AFT Offshore Wind Farm (US)ND1Planned 
Nautilus (ES) (ES)10,000NDPlanned 
Nautilus I (DE)480,00080Planned 
Navitus Bay Wind Park 1 (GB)325,00065Planned 
Navitus Bay Wind Park 2 (GB)325,00065Planned 
Navitus Bay Wind Park 3 (GB)325,00065Planned 
NearshoreLAB (DK)36,0006Accepted 
Neart na Gaoithe (GB)450,00075Accepted 
Nemo (DE)480,00080Planned 
Neptune I (DE)560,00080Planned 
Neptune II (DE)560,00080Planned 
Neptune III (DE)560,00080Planned 
Neptune Wind (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
Neugrund (EE)234,00038Planned 
Neugrung (EE)234,000NDPlanned 
New Jersey North Leasing Area (US)NDNDPlanned 
New Jersey Offshore Wind (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
New Jersey South Leasing Area (US)NDNDPlanned 
Nissum Bredning (DK)84,000NDPlanned 
Noirmoutier (FR)496,00062Planned 
Nord-Ost Passat I (DE)360,00060Planned 
Nord-Ost Passat II (DE)360,00060Planned 
Nord-Ost Passat III (DE)480,00080Planned 
Norderland (DE)480,000NDPlanned 
Nordpassage (DE)400,00080Planned 
Nordsee Ost (DE)295,20048Under construction 
Nordsee Three (DE)369,00060Accepted 
Nordsee Two (DE)295,20048Accepted 
North Carolina - Dominion Virginia Electric and Power Company (US)NDNDPlanned 
North Carolina - EDF Renewable Development Inc (US)NDNDPlanned 
North Carolina - Fishermen’s Energy LLC (US)NDNDPlanned 
North Carolina - Green Sail Energy LLC (US)NDNDPlanned 
North Carolina - Outer Banks Ocean Energy LLC (US)NDNDPlanned 
North Hoyle (GB)60,00030In production2003/12
North Western Coast (LK)300,000NDPlanned 
NorthEast South Andros (GR)306,00085Planned 
Norther (BE)470,000NDAccepted 
Northwester 2 (BE)230,000NDPlanned 
Northwind (BE)216,00072In production2014/06
Noshiro Port (JP)80,000NDPlanned 
Notos (DE)318,00053Planned 
NOVA (Novel Offshore Vertical Axis) Project (GB)1,000,000100Planned 
NOVA (Novel Offshore Vertical Axis) Project Demonstrator (GB)10,0001Planned 
NPC Jieyang Golden Bay Offshore Wind Farm (CN)150,000NDPlanned 
NPC Nanao Offshore wind farm-phase 1 (CN)49,500NDPlanned 
NPC Nanao Offshore wind farm-phase 2 (CN)150,000NDPlanned 
NPC Qidong 200MW offshore wind farm (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Nysted (DK)165,60072In production2003/11
Nördlicher grund (DE)384,00064Accepted 
Oahu Northwest (US)408,000NDPlanned 
Oahu South (US)408,000NDPlanned 
Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas Titan Platform (US)7,0001Accepted 
OffshoreMW (Massachusetts Call Response(Also RFI)) (US)1,000,000NDPlanned 
Oléron (FR)500,000NDPlanned 
Omaezaki (JP)40,500NDPlanned 
ONGC - Commercial Project (IN)500,000NDPlanned 
ONGC - Pilot Project (IN)10,000NDPlanned 
ONGC - Vertical Axis Pilot Project (IN)ND1Planned 
Oriel Wind Farm (IE)330,00055Planned 
Ormonde (GB)150,00030In production2012/02
Ormos Kalidhonos (GR)141,00047Planned 
Oskarshamn (SE)400,000NDPlanned 
Ostra Skärgarden (FI)120,00040Planned 
Ostseeperle (DE)245,000NDPlanned 
Ostseeschatz (DE)225,00045Planned 
Othonoi (GR)275,00044Planned 
Oulun-Haukiputaan alue 1 (FI)800,000NDPlanned 
Oulunsalo (FI)125,00025Planned 
OWP West (DE)328,00041Accepted 
Papagayo MG (NI)100,00020Planned 
Pecem (BR)NDNDPlanned 
Petrel (DE)400,00080Planned 
Pilot Projects (DK)50,000NDPlanned 
Pingtan Offshore Wind Farm (CN)400,000NDPlanned 
Pirallahi (AZ)200,000NDPlanned 
Plaka Keros AG Eirini (GR)486,000135Planned 
Plocan (ES)NDNDPlanned 
PNE Atlantis I (DE)400,00080Planned 
PNE Atlantis II (DE)400,00080Planned 
PNE Atlantis III (DE)400,00080Planned 
Pori 1 (FI)2,3001In production2010/07
Pori 2 (FI)55,00011Planned 
Pori-Tahkoluoto (FI)48,00012Planned 
Porto Lagos/Thassos Park (GR)156,000NDPlanned 
Prinses Amalia (NL)120,00060In production2008/03
Prowind I (DE)389,00063Planned 
Prowind II (DE)389,000NDPlanned 
Prowind III (DE)389,000NDPlanned 
Putian Pinghai bay offshore demonstration project (CN)50,00010Accepted 
Putian Pinghai bay offshore project phase B E Offshore Wind Farm (CN)250,000NDAccepted 
Quangang Shanyao offshore wind farm (CN)80,000NDPlanned 
Quanzhou (CN)150,000NDPlanned 
Raahe (FI)642,000166Planned 
Race Bank (GB)580,00091Accepted 
Rampion (GB)400,200116Accepted 
Rata Storgrund - phase 1 (SE)NDNDPlanned 
Rata Storgrund - phase 2 (SE)NDNDPlanned 
Rennesøy Wind Turbine Demonstration Area (NO)8,2002Accepted 
Rentel (BE)550,000NDAccepted 
Rhyl Flats (GB)90,00025In production2009/12
Riffgat (DE)108,00030In production2014/03
Rimini (IT)40,000NDPlanned 
Robin Rigg (GB)180,00060In production2010/04
Rodi Garganico (IT)126,00035Planned 
Rodsand II (DK)207,00090In production2010/10
Rudong Zhongshui (intertidal) 100MW demonstration project (CN)100,00042Under construction 
Röyttä III (FI)80,00014Planned 
Rønland (DK)17,2008In production2003/01
Rønland III (DK)NDNDPlanned 
Rønne Bakke (DK)70,000NDPlanned 
Saint-Brieuc (FR)496,00062Accepted 
Saint-Nazaire (FR)480,00080Accepted 
Sakata (JP)10,0005In production2004/01
Sakata Port (JP)15,000NDPlanned 
Samso (DK)23,00010In production2003/12
San Giuliano Terme E Pisa (IT)136,80038Planned 
Sandbank Extension (DE)240,00040Planned 
Sarroch (IT)72,00024Planned 
Satuma Sendai City (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Savonius Keel & Wind Turbine Darrieus (JP)5001Under construction 
Scroby Sands (GB)60,00030In production2004/03
Sea Reed - Groix (FR)6,0001Planned 
Seagreen Alpha (GB)525,00075Accepted 
Seagreen Bravo (GB)525,00075Accepted 
Seagreen Charlie (GB)610,000122Planned 
Seagreen Delta (GB)605,000121Planned 
Seagreen Echo (GB)605,000121Planned 
Seagreen Foxtrot (GB)565,000113Planned 
Seagreen Golf (GB)225,00045Planned 
Seagull (DE)400,00080Planned 
Seastar (BE)540,000NDAccepted 
SeaStorm I (DE)560,00080Planned 
SeaStorm II (DE)406,00058Planned 
SeaTwirl 10MW (SE)10,0001Planned 
SeaTwirl 1MW (SE)1,0001Planned 
SeaTwirl 3MW (SE)3,0001Planned 
SeaWind I (DE)182,00026Planned 
SeaWind III (DE)399,00057Planned 
SeaWind IV (DE)546,00078Planned 
Seewind (DE)150,00025Planned 
Sejrø Bugten (DK)200,00067Planned 
SEM REV (FR)8,000NDUnder construction 
Setana Offshore (JP)1,3202In production2004/04
Shengsi #1 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)400,000NDPlanned 
Shengsi #2 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)400,000NDPlanned 
Shengsi #3 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Shengsi #4 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Shengsi #5 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)150,00050Planned 
Shengsi #6 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)180,000NDPlanned 
Shengsi #7 Offshore Wind Power Project (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Sheringham Shoal (GB)316,80088In production2012/09
Sheyang North Area H1# (CN)150,000NDPlanned 
Sheyang North Area H2# (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Sheyang North Area H3# (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Sheyang Offshore Concession Project (CN)300,000100Accepted 
Siipyyn (FI)400,00080Planned 
Siragrunnen (NO)200,000NDPlanned 
Skerd Rocks (IE)100,00020Planned 
Skua (DE)400,00080Planned 
Smalandsfarvandet Vest (DK)200,00067Planned 
Southern Power (US)NDNDPlanned 
Southwest Offshore Wind Project (KR)2,460,00020Planned 
Sprogo (DK)21,0007In production2009/10
St Efstratios (GR)445,00089Planned 
Statoil ASA Hitachi Zosen (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Stenkalles grund (SE)100,00020Accepted 
Steno Kafirea (GR)150,00050Planned 
Stopparen (SE)860,000172Planned 
Stora Middelgrund (SE)864,000108Accepted 
Storgrundet (SE)265,000NDAccepted 
Strom-Nord (DE)27045Planned 
Strom-Süd (DE)666,000111Planned 
Stuttsu Port (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Suizhong 36-1 Oil Field (CN)1,5001In production2007/11
Sumoto City (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Superior Array (CA)650,000NDPlanned 
Suurhiekka (FI)400,00080Planned 
Svenska Björn Offshore (SE)NDNDPlanned 
SWAY 10MW test turbine (NO)10,0001Accepted 
SWAY 2.6MW test turbine (NO)2,6001Accepted 
Sydkustens Vind (SE)300,00060Planned 
Sæby (DK)200,00067Planned 
Södra Midsjöbanken (SE)2,100,000NDPlanned 
Taggen Vindpark (SE)300,00060Accepted 
Tamil Nadu - Bharat Light & Power (IN)500,000NDPlanned 
Tamil Nadu - Greenshore Energy (IN)500,000NDPlanned 
Tamil Nadu - Suzlon (IN)500,000NDPlanned 
Tamra Offshore Wind Farm Project (KR)30,00010Under construction 
Tangshan - Area 2 (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 4 - phase I (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 4 - phase II (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 5 - phase I (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 5 - phase II (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 5 - phase III (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 6 - phase I (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 6 - phase II (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 6 - phase III (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 6 - phase IV (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 7 (intertidal) (CN)100,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 8 (intertidal) (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Tangshan - Area 9 (intertidal) (CN)300,000NDPlanned 
Taranto (IT)30,00010Accepted 
TCI Renewables (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
Teesside (GB)62,10027In production2013/08
Thanet (GB)300,000100In production2010/09
Thorntonbank (BE)325,20054In production2008/07
Thrace Sea (GR)585,00095Planned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 1 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 2 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 3 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 4 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 5 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 6 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 7 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 8 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
Thrakiki Aioliki 9 (GR)24,000NDPlanned 
THV Mermaid (BE)235,000NDAccepted 
Tianjin Dagang Binhai 33MW Intertidial wind farm (CN)33,000NDIn production2014/05
Tianjin Hangu (CN)200,000NDPlanned 
Tongzhou (CN)100,000NDPlanned 
Trianel Windpark Borkum - phase 1 (DE)200,00040Under construction 
Trianel Windpark Borkum - phase 2 (DE)200,00040Accepted 
Trillium Power Wind 1 (CA)480,000NDPlanned 
Trillium Power Wind 2 (CA)740,000NDPlanned 
Triton Knoll Wind Farm (GB)900,000150Accepted 
Trolleboda (SE)150,00030Accepted 
Tropos (ES)NDNDPlanned 
Tuno Knob (DK)5,00010In production1995/05
US Mainstream Renewable Power Site A (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
US Mainstream Renewable Power Site B (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
US Mainstream Renewable Power Site C (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
US Wind Inc (New Jersey Call Response) (US)NDNDPlanned 
US Wind Inc Maryland Offshore Wind Farm (US)600,000NDPlanned 
Utgrunden I (SE)10,5007In production2006/10
Utgrunden II (SE)86,40024Accepted 
Veja Mate (DE)400,00080Accepted 
Vermilion Bay (US)36,00018Planned 
VertiWind (FR)32,50014Under construction 
Vesterhavet Nord (DK)200,00067Planned 
Vesterhavet Syd (DK)200,00067Planned 
Vindeby-Lolland (DK)4,95011In production1991/09
Vineta (DE)400,000NDPlanned 
Virginia - Dominion 2 (US)2,000,000NDPlanned 
Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Advancement Project (US)12,0002Planned 
Vänern (SE)30,00010In production2009/10
W2Power Sea Trial (GB)10,000NDPlanned 
Wakamastu_ku (JP)700,000140Planned 
Wakkanai Port (JP)NDNDPlanned 
Walney (GB)367,200102In production2012/04
Walney Extension (GB)657,00088Accepted 
Wave Hub (GB)30,000NDIn production2010/11
We Energies (US)NDNDPlanned 
West of Duddon Sands (GB)388,800108In production2014/10
Westermeerdijk buitendijks (NL)144,00048Under construction 
Westermost Rough (GB)210,00035In production2015/05
Wikinger Nord (DE)40,0008Planned 
Win 2 (FR)105,00012Accepted 
Wind Eenrgy Marine Unit (RU)NDNDPlanned 
Windanker (DE)342,00057Planned 
WindFloat - Phase 1 (PT)2,0001In production2012/06
WindFloat - Phase 2 (PT)28,0005Planned 
WindFloat - Phase 3 (PT)125,00030Planned 
Windfloat Pacific (US)30,0005Planned 
Windpark Fryslân (NL)400,000NDPlanned 
WindSea AS Prototype (NO)10,8003Planned 
Witte Bank (DE)826,000118Planned 
Wolfe Island Shoals (CA)299,000130Planned 
Xiamen (CN)100,000NDPlanned 
Xiangshan Offshore Windfarm (CN)400,000NDPlanned 
Xiangshui Intertidal Pilot Project (CN)6,5003In production2011
Xiangshui Intertidal Pilot Project - Extension (CN)6,0002In production2013/12
Xiangshui Offshore Demonstation Project (CN)201,00067Accepted 
Yangjiang Hailin Island 400MW concession project (CN)49,500NDPlanned 
Zeeuws Offshore Wind Project (NL)NDNDPlanned 
Zhangpu Liuao offshore wind farm demonstration project (CN)200,000NDAccepted 
Zhongmin Fujian XEMC Test Turbine (Nearshore) (CN)5,0001In production2012/03
Zhuanghe (Future Areas) (CN)900,000NDAccepted 
Zhuanghe Area II (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Zhuanghe Area III (CN)300,000NDAccepted 
Zhuhai Guishan Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project Offshore Wind Farm (CN)198,00066Under construction 

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