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Name Total power
Number of turbines
Alpha Ventus60,00012
Amrumbank West288,00080
Arkonabecken Südost360,00060
Bard Offshore 1400,00080
Borkum Riffgrund I312,00078
Dan Tysk288,00080
EnBW Baltic 148,30021
EnBW Baltic 2288,00080
Global Tech I400,00080
Gode Wind I330,00055
Gode Wind II252,00042
Meerwind Ost144,00040
Meerwind Süd144,00040
Nordsee One Offshore332,10054
Nordsee Ost295,20048
Trianel Windpark Borkum - phase 1200,00040
Veja Mate402,00067
Wikinger Offshore350,00070
Total 5,690,800 1,228

Note: total amounts do not include information that is not available.