The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets.
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Name Total power
Number of turbines
Air Force2,0001
Campbell Hill99,00066
Casper Wind Farm16,50011
F.E. Warren Air Force Base1,3202
Foote Creek Rim I41,40069
Foote Creek Rim II1,8003
Foote Creek Rim III24,75033
Foote Creek Rim IV16,80028
Glenrock I99,00066
Glenrock II99,00066
Glenrock III39,00026
Happy Jack29,40014
High Plains99,00066
McFadden Ridge28,50019
Medicine Bow5,8209
Medicine Bow 32,5001
Mountain Wind I60,90029
Mountain Wind II79,80038
Rock River50,00050
Rolling Hills542,900259
Seven Mile Hill I99,00066
Seven Mile Hill II19,50013
Silver Sage42,00020
Top of the World - GE Energy99,00066
Top of the World - Siemens101,20044
Wyoming Wind Energy Center144,00080
Total 2,040,190 1,265

Note: total amounts do not include information that is not available.