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Latest updates
arrow 99 wind farms added (Sweden, Finland, Oman, United-Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, USA, Austria, Romania, France, New-Zealand, Hungary...)
arrow 19 turbines added (Vensys 82 1.8 MW and 175, Goldwind GW165/5600 and GW165/6000, Windey WD172-5000 and WD164-3600, Sany SI-16840, SI-19350, SI-19580 and SI-18572, Seawind 18-260, Windey WD131-2000, WD131-2200, WD125-2500, WD140-2500 and WD147-2500, Leitwind LTW80-500, LTW90-500 and LTW90-900)
arrow 2 power curves added (Sany SE9315 DF and SE9320III-3)

Our products
arrow Database of 26,003 wind farms (2,219.9 GW)
arrow Database of 1,589 offshore projects (1,240.6 GW)
arrow Database of 2,562 developers
arrow Database of 2,450 operators
arrow Database of 2,967 owners
arrow Database of 227 manufacturers
arrow Database of 1,971 turbines
arrow Database of 886 power curves
arrow Database of 132 countries

Previous updates (Janaury 2024)
arrow 371 wind farms added (Spain, Turkey, France, USA, Ireland, India, Belgium, China, Greece, Portugal, , Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Pakistan, Taiwan...)
arrow 40 turbines added (CSSC Haizhuang range, Ghrepower FFD56-400 and FFD56-50, Suzlon S144/3000, Guangdong Mingyang MySE18.X-292, Goldwind GWH171-5.3 and GWH171-5.6, Windey WD164-3300)
arrow 2 power curves added (Sany SE12120 and SE10020 DF)
arrow 121 pictures added (Australia, France)
Previous updates (November 2023)
arrow 1,215 wind farms added (China, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Vietnam, South Korea, Brazil, France, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Italia, Poland, Latvia, , United-Kingdom, India, Portugal, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, ...)
arrow 7 turbine added (Guangdong Mingyang MySE16.0-260, Goldwind GWH171-4.X, GWH191-4.X, GWH171-6.0, GWH171-6.25, GWH191-6.X and GWH182-7.X)
arrow 1 power curve added (Sany SE12125)
Previous updates (August 2023)
arrow 124 wind farms added (United-Kingdom, Austria, Estonia, China, Japan, India, USA, , Poland, Spain, Australia, France, Belgium, North Macedonia, Morocco, Germany...)
arrow 2 turbines added (Fuhrländer Windtechnology LLC WTU3.5/151 and Ghrepower FD32-150)
arrow 2 power curves added (Sany SE13122 and Enercon E175/6000)
arrow 152 pictures added (France) - The Wind Power EI - 2005-2024 - all rights reserved
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