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arrow 93 wind farms added (Germany, USA, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, France, United-Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, China, Spain, Finland...)
arrow 8 turbines added (Siemens-Gamesa SG 2.9-129 and SG 5.8-170, Guangdong Mingyang MYSE3.6-135, MYSE4.0-145/156 and MYSE7.0-158, Vestas V138/3.0 MW, W2E W2E-120/3.2fc and W2E-120/3.5fc)
arrow 1 power curve added (W2E-120/3.2fc)
arrow 1 new report

Our products
arrow Database of 20,186 wind farms (720.5 GW)
arrow Database of 681 offshore projects (225.0 GW)
arrow Database of 2,328 developers
arrow Database of 2,237 operators
arrow Database of 2,051 owners
arrow Database of 219 manufacturers
arrow Database of 1,691 turbines
arrow Database of 778 power curves
arrow Database of 122 countries

New feature in the KML/KMZ files
arrow Wind farms are now sorted by continent, country and area
arrow Get them here !
arrow Here is an example for Antwerpen area in Belgium: - The Wind Power ® - 2005-2019 - all rights reserved
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