The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets.
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WWEA is an international non-profit association dedicated to wind energy, with members in 95 countries. WWEA works to globally promote and diffuse wind energy technology.

The Wind Power is a member of the WWEA.

IRENA REsource

REsource, the online knowledge platform launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), enables users to easily find country-specific data, create customized charts and graphs, and compare countries on metrics like renewable energy use and deployment. REsource also provides information on general renewable energy market statistics, potentials, policies, finance, costs, benefits, innovations, education and many other topics.

The Wind Power is a partner of IRENA REsource.


GlobalData is a leading business intelligence provider dedicated to helping clients make better, more informed decisions every day. GlobalData tracks over 25,000 public and propriety primary sources to ensure all of our information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

The Wind Power is a partner of GlobalData.


Smartwatt is a services company which provides solutions for energy systems. The company acts in three distinct vectors (renewables, efficiency and intelligence) with the common objective of optimizing energy systems' performance and resource usage.

We provide predictive software solutions for intelligent energy systems' operation, energy cost reduction and demand-side energy generation alternatives.

The Wind Power is a partner of Smartwatt Smartwatt (Smartwatt forecast).

Spares in Motion is the independent online marketplace for the wind turbine market that connects buyers and sellers for spare parts, repairs, services and wind turbines. Buyers are able to search, select and get quotations directly from the sellers. For all major wind turbine brands, products and services are being offered by sellers.

The Wind Power is a partner of Spares in Motion. links supply and demand both nationally and internationally and shortens distribution channels. Prospective buyers and customers are interested in the following: Wind turbines, Parts and accessories, Services, Projects.

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