The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets. The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets.
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Name Total power
Number of turbines
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AB Tehachapi6,970
Aeroman repower (2003)3,000
Alta I150,000
Alta II (Vestas)150,000
Alta III150,000
Alta IV102,000
Alta IX132,000
Alta Mesa I18,720
Alta Mesa II9,450
Alta V168,000
Alta VI150,000
Alta VII168,000
Alta VIII21,000
Alta VIII129,000
Altamont Pass (dismantled)11,000
Altech 3 (b) (dismantled)21,710
Anheuser-Busch Fairfield1,850
Anheuser-Busch Fairfield1,500
Brookfield Tehachapi 1 (CCDLP)102,000
Buena Vista38,000
Buena Vista36,920
California State Prison LA County1,850
CalWind II CEC8,580
Cameron Ridge60,000
Cannon I860
Cannon II (California)12,600
Cemex Madison3,600
City of Soldad1,850
Coachella Hills13,800
Coachella Hills46,800
Coram Energy (Aeroman repower)10,500
Coram Energy (Aeroman repower)4,500
Correctional Training Facility1,700
Diablo Winds20,460
DifWind I7,344
DifWind II3,024
DifWind IV8,360
Difwind IX14,550
Difwind IX3,000
DifWind V (dismantled)11,772
Difwind VI27,000
Difwind VII (dismantled)22,680
Difwind VIII (dismantled)15,000
Dinosaur Point Wind Farm16,905
Dutch Pacific (dismantled)10,000
East Winds (formerly Altech III)4,165
Edom Hill (dismantled)11,000
Edom Hills repower20,000
Energy Unlimited10,000
Garnet Wind Project6,500
GE 1 6 100 Prototype2,000
GE 1 6 100 Prototype2,000
Golden Acorn Casino1,850
Golden Hills81,600
Golden Hills II86,700
Green Ridge Power12,300
Green Ridge Power134,300
Hatchett Ridge101,200
Helzel & Schwarzhoff 886,000
Helzel & Schwarzhoff 8816,500
High Winds162,000
Inland Empire Utility Agency (IEUA)1,000
Karen Avenue (San Gorgonio Farms)3,000
Karen Avenue II (San Gorgonio Farms)4,500
Lake Palmdale950
Mann Packing1,790
McEvoy Ranch225
Meridian Trust7,400
Meridian Trust150
Mogul Energy4,000
Mojave 16-17-1818,000
Mojave 16-17-1866,750
Mojave 3 & 550,600
Mojave 431,900
Montezuma Wind I36,800
Montezuma Wind II78,200
Mountain View I44,400
Mountain View II22,200
Mountain View III22,440
Mountain View IV49,000
Nestle Waters II1,850
Nordex Energy10,000
North Sky River Wind Energy Center162,000
Oak Creek - Phase 2A1,600
Oak Creek 223,100
Oak Creek Energy Systems800
Oak Creek Energy Systems1,350
Oak Creek Phase I (ON-Energy)4,200
Oasis Power Partners (dismantled)60,000
Oasis Repowering54,000
Oasis Repowering18,000
Ocotillo Wind41,400
Ocotillo Wind222,780
Pacific Crest-Caithness46,860
Pacific West I2,100
Pacific Wind143,500
Painted Hills Repower39,000
Pine Tree120,000
Pine Tree Extension15,000
Ridgetop Energy250
Ridgetop Energy1,300
Ridgetop Energy14,000
Rising Tree North99,000
Rising Tree South99,000
Salinas Valley Power Station1,700
San Clemente Island675
San Gorgonio Farms26,000
San Gorgonio Farms2,000
San Gorgonio Farms repower5,000
San Gorgonio Farms repower8,000
San Gorgonio Farms repower1,000
San Jacinto (US)5,000
Scheid Vineyards1,850
Shiloh I115,500
Shiloh I34,500
Shiloh II66,000
Shiloh II84,000
Shiloh III8,200
Shiloh III94,300
Shiloh IV92,250
Shiloh IV10,250
Sky River72,450
Sky River Repower56,400
Sky River Repower6,900
Solano County60,000
Solano I10,560
Solano II4,620
Solano IIA24,000
Solano III55,800
Solano III72,000
Summit Wind Repowering62,100
Taylor Farms1,850
Tehachapi 1.6 Prototype1,600
Tehachapi Hills - Wind Wall46,000
Teichert Aggregates1,500
Tres Vaqueros18,150
Tres Vaqueros750
Tres Vaqueros I28,050
Tres Vaqueros II750
Tule I131,100
Venture Wind I1,200
Victory Garden660
Victory Gardens - Phase IV (dismantled)21,150
Victory Gardens - Phase IV1,320
Victory Gardens I & IV1,000
Voyager I131,100
Voyager II172,800
Voyager II20,700
Walmart - Red Bluff1,500
West Winds43,400
Whitewater Hill4,500
Whitewater Hill61,500
Wind Power Partners 90-9296,700
Wind Turbine Co. test500
Wind Wall 146,500
Windland (Boxcar II) (dismantled)14,300

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