The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets. The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets.
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United-Kingdom wind farms file
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Name Total power
Number of turbines
Awel y Môr576,000unav.
Beatrice Demonstration (dismantled)10,0002
Blyth (dismantled)4,0002
Blyth Offshore41,5005
Blyth Offshore - 3A-458,40010
Burbo Bank90,00025
Burbo Bank256,00032
Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A1,200,000100
Dogger Bank Creyke Beck B1,200,000100
Dogger Bank Teesside A1,200,000100
Dogger Bank Teesside B1,400,000140
Dounreay Tri Offshore WDC10,0002
Dudgeon Extension402,000unav.
East Anglia One714,000102
East Anglia One North800,000unav.
East Anglia Three1,400,000172
East Anglia Two900,000unav.
Erebus (Demonstration)96,000unav.
Fife Energy Park7,0001
Forthwind Offshore Wind Demonstration Project12,0002
Forthwind Offshore Wind Demonstration Project - 253,0007
Galloper Extension353,000unav.
Greater Gabbard 1288,00080
Greater Gabbard 2216,00060
Greater Gabbard Extension504,000unav.
Gunfleet Sands 1108,00030
Gunfleet Sands 264,80018
Gunfleet Sands 3 Demonstration12,0002
Gwynt y Môr576,000160
Hornsea Project Four1,000,000180
Hornsea Project One - Heron Wind609,00087
Hornsea Project One - Njord609,00087
Hornsea Project Three2,400,000300
Hornsea Project Two - Breesea and Optimus Wind1,386,000165
Humber Gateway219,00073
Hywind Scotland Pilot Park30,0005
Ideol-Atlantis Energy Project 21,400,000unav.
Inch Cape784,000110
Kentish Flats90,00030
Kentish Flats 249,50015
Kincardine Offshore Windfarm48,000unav.
Kincardine Offshore Windfarm50,0007
London Array630,000175
Lynn and Inner Dowsing97,20027
Lynn and Inner Dowsing97,20027
Moray East950,000100
Moray West850,00085
Neart na Gaoithe432,00054
Norfolk Boreas1,800,000unav.
Norfolk Vanguard1,800,000225
North Hoyle60,00030
Race Bank573,30091
Race Bank Extension573,000unav.
Rampion Extension400,000unav.
Rhyl Flats90,00025
Robin Rigg174,00058
Scroby Sands60,00030
Seagreen Alpha-Bravo1,075,000unav.
Seagreen Charlie-Delta-Echo2,300,000unav.
Seagreen Foxtrot-Golf1,850,000unav.
Sheringham Shoal316,80088
Sheringham Shoal Extension317,000unav.
Thanet 2340,00034
Triton Knoll Wind Farm285,00030
Triton Knoll Wind Farm285,00030
Triton Knoll Wind Farm285,00030
Walney Extension329,00047
Walney Extension330,00040
Wave Hub32,000unav.
West of Duddon Sands388,800108
Westermost Rough210,00035
Total 41,232,200 4,278

Note: total amounts do not include information that is not available.

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