The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets. The Wind Power is a comprehensive database of detailed raw statistics on the rapidly growing sphere of wind energy and its supporting markets.
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Below is the list of the wind farms owned by Orsted (wind farms listed in the database).

Address: Kraftværksvej 53 - Skærbæk
7000 Fredericia

Phone: +45 99 55 11 11

Mail: info(at)


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List of wind farms

Name Number of turbines
DenmarkAnholt111 turbines
399,600 kW
DenmarkAvedøre Holme3 turbines
10,800 kW
United-KingdomBarrow30 turbines
90,000 kW
USABay State WindND turbines
2,000,000 kW
GermanyBorkum Riffgrund I78 turbines
312,000 kW
GermanyBorkum Riffgrund II56 turbines
448,000 kW
GermanyBorkum Riffgrund West45 turbines
420,000 kW
GermanyBorkum-Riffgrund West II16 turbines
240,000 kW
NetherlandsBorssele I47 turbines
376,000 kW
NetherlandsBorssele II47 turbines
376,000 kW
United-KingdomBurbo Bank25 turbines
90,000 kW
United-KingdomBurbo Bank
32 turbines
256,000 kW
USADeepwater One - South Fork15 turbines
130,000 kW
TaiwanFormosa 1 OWF
Phase II
20 turbines
120,000 kW
TaiwanFormosa 1 OWF
Phase I
2 turbines
8,000 kW
DenmarkGammel Vraa Enge2 turbines
1,500 kW
GermanyGode Wind I55 turbines
344,520 kW
GermanyGode Wind II42 turbines
263,100 kW
GermanyGode Wind III8 turbines
111,000 kW
GermanyGode Wind IV10 turbines
131,750 kW
TaiwanGreater Changhua North West ZoP 1221 turbines
582,900 kW
TaiwanGreater Changhua South East ZoP 1521 turbines
613,000 kW
TaiwanGreater Changhua South West Zop 1421 turbines
631,900 kW
United-KingdomGunfleet Sands 130 turbines
108,000 kW
United-KingdomGunfleet Sands 218 turbines
64,800 kW
United-KingdomGunfleet Sands 3 Demonstration2 turbines
12,000 kW
DenmarkHorns Rev 180 turbines
160,000 kW
DenmarkHorns Rev 291 turbines
209,300 kW
United-KingdomHornsea Project Four180 turbines
1,000,000 kW
United-KingdomHornsea Project One - Heron Wind87 turbines
609,000 kW
United-KingdomHornsea Project One - Njord87 turbines
609,000 kW
United-KingdomHornsea Project Three300 turbines
2,400,000 kW
United-KingdomHornsea Project Two - Breesea and Optimus WindND turbines
1,386,000 kW
Karscino46 turbines
69,000 kW
Karscino14 turbines
21,000 kW
United-KingdomLincs75 turbines
270,000 kW
United-KingdomLondon Array175 turbines
630,000 kW
DenmarkMiddelgrunden20 turbines
40,000 kW
CanadaNaiKun Wind
Haida Energy Field
110 turbines
396,000 kW
USANew Jersey -Ocean WindND turbines
1,950,000 kW
DenmarkNysted Offshore72 turbines
165,600 kW
USAOrsted - Lease Areas OCS-AND turbines
1,000,000 kW
PolandOstrowo17 turbines
30,600 kW
GermanyOWP West18 turbines
240,000 kW
United-KingdomRace Bank91 turbines
573,300 kW
United-KingdomRace Bank ExtensionND turbines
573,000 kW
USARevolution Wind200 turbines
700,000 kW
USASkipjack15 turbines
120,000 kW
Tjaereborg1 turbine
2500 kW
Phase 2
51 turbines
183,600 kW
Phase 1
51 turbines
183,600 kW
United-KingdomWalney Extension40 turbines
330,000 kW
United-KingdomWalney Extension47 turbines
329,000 kW
United-KingdomWest of Duddon Sands108 turbines
388,800 kW
United-KingdomWestermost Rough35 turbines
210,000 kW

ND: no data

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